About getting paid (woot, royalty and $)

A while ago Woot sent me (and every other artists) an email stating that from then onward, payment for artist will be made using check and ACH only. No more Paypal payment.

Since I am not in US or owning US bank account, check is my only option. I am supposed to update the address in my Woot account, and the check will be sent to that address.

The biggest issue I have is that my country is not listed on Woot ship-able address. I am unable to add my correct address to my Woot account. Other issue being the cost for clearing small check may be a problem.

I sent email to both Travis and artistpayments@woot.com about this issue. However, there was no reply. Anyone has idea whom other should I contact? Any other international artists encountered similar problem?

I’m in a similar situation, as in I can’t receive checks, so I sent an email at the same address and was asked for a bank account.

If you haven’t gotten a response yet, it may be because it was sent during the weekend ?