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I think I have a shopping problem and woot doesn’t make it easier on me… have you all seem the shirts ? Pretty cool!

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I don’t mind the shopping part…it’s the buying part that gets expensive. :wink:


Did you see they’re on sale today? Use code SUMMER at checkout.

Where freaky code at? Did it already vanished?

It’s code SUMMER. It’s good until the 16th of August 2021 for 30% off. In the checkout there’s a place to enter a coupon code above your address.

Code FREAKY was good only for one day (Friday).


Thanks :hot_pepper:

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It’s over.

And after opening it’s still a mystery: a mystery of “What the hell is this crap.”

It there a place to put in items you are looking for and it will come up with the items on sale

What is the code for

It was for a shirt sale but it’s over now. There’s a new one over here.

And Woot does not currently have a search option. You can search the forums and sort by latest topic to see if there’s an item for sale you’re looking for.

Selling out quickly is a problem. Even if it’s in ur cart it can get yanked. Had 3 propane heaters in my cart yesterday & as soon as I put them there I received a message to hurry up cuz they can be sold out. Before u was able to check out they were u available. Less than 5 minutes ! I was very disappointed.