About the derbies

When shirts win derbies and go for sale, they end up on the front page of shirt.woot.com right? I’m just making sure that the derby shirts that are sold aren’t in some different place that I’m missing out on.


Front page of shirt.woot and then here http://shirt.woot.com/Reckoning/ until they are reckoned. There is usually a link on the front page.

Cool, thanks.

Also, if a shirt I am thinking about ordering is in the “danger zone,” how likely is it to be reckoned? It is 22/27 right now and I’m waiting to get my first woot shirt to see if I got the right size before ordering this one.

What do you think?

It will be gone on monday, so I guess if you will have to decide on Sunday if you didn’t get your other shirt.

You should order one size bigger and you will be fine.