About the ebuyer special Roady2 for 8.99-problem


Hey yall anybody tried to buy the Delphi Roady from ebuyer…its supposed to be 8.99 for friday? Well I’m trying to order it but it is ringing up for 9.99. Is there some special code I need to put in to get the 8.99 price? I have gotten all the way to the paypal screen and its still ringing up at 9.99. Anyone know what’s up with that?


Did you do it from the sponsor link? It’s coming up $8.99 for me.



hmm, can that sucker be used with standard headphones? could i use it as a carry around thing?


The Roady2 is built to work in the car…you need to have a 12 volt hookup and an external antenna. It receives the satellite signal and re-broadcasts to your car’s FM receiver on one of several frequencies. There’s also a home kit for about $40 that has a 110VAC to 12VDC transformer, a stand, and another antenna.
The Roady2’s are pretty cheap because they came out with a newer, slightly smaller version called RoadyXT.
Delphi has a personal version called MyFi that is portable, has a small internal antenna, and can record a few hours of music. Costs about $130-200. Pioneer and some others make similar gadgets, but they’re pretty much the same in price and performance. That’s what you’d want for a carry around thing.
Also need to add in the subscription price of $12/month.
I’ve got a Roady2, and since I travel a lot, it is great!

So…the answer to your question is…not really, unless you want to tow around a car battery (or a couple of 6V lantern batteries) and hold an antenna at arms length.


Yes I did…but when you add it to your cart it still comes up 9.99
and it stays at 9.99.


they have now fixed it…When I ordered at 2:15 am it was still set at 9.99. The folks who get it now get the right price but it doesnt help us who ordered it early Friday morning.:frowning:


If it’s worth the time, for the buck, cancel and reorder? Dunno…



Nah! i’ts only a buck.Still a good deal anyways…but ebuyer should be more careful! :slight_smile:
Thanks for responding though Gim. lol!


NP…maybe it wasn’t midnight, yet, where they/their servers are located? It was only 11:15 on the left coast…

(I’m not sure that even made sense, heh…bad cold, so I barely slept last night, but I tried, heh.


) eta… ugh, which is why that is the wrong smiley…it was supposed to be a