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We do a lot of silly stuff: Bags of Crap (BOCs), Deal-O-Meter, WTF Pricing, giveaways, and more. Come play along with us.



6 months later???

You guys have been at it! You big secret keepers!


When do we see more stuff on the current BOCs?


Yep, that’s what I thought last night when I read how long TT had been here!


Wait, when did they change the community? I love what you’ve done with the drapes!


We finally got a LONG overdue update!


so it reset all of our forum account info, or are they referring to the last time we posted? I’ve been part of Woot since 2005, but it says I joined two hours ago. :frowning:


When we bring the old forums over, you’re join date should reset. Going forward, it will be the date that you first post.


I’m lost.


I highly recommend the tutorial with WootyBot. It helps a lot. Click on your icon at the top right, click on the envelope that appears in the drop-down, and find a message from WootyBot that welcomes you. The tutorial starts there with a link.


I feel like my life has no meaning…i have never been able to get a “bag o crap”.!


You’re not alone. Never fear, you are not alone.


Woot! I want some bonehead gifts!”


I want a boc. Even have the wipies if needed.