Above Edge Himalayan Salt Lamp with USB Plug- Maple Leaf

I don’t know, the price seems a little stiff…

Yes, um, the price is stiff, that’s what I was thinking, too!

I dunno… The mushroom head seems kinda big. This thing looks very “Questionable” maybe it has a dual function?

Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was the only one with a dirty enough mind to think this.

It could have triple function, if you use your imagination… :tongue:

The specs say it’s only 5" long. Will it appear to be bigger when it’s turned on?

Perception is in they eye of the beholder, friend.

When you plug this in does the salt have an um…shaker function? (Sorry couldn’t resist)

Yes, but it’s manual.

That’s a MUSHROOM???

I’ve been sitting here swaiting my phone because SOMEONE set loose a wee little bug… VERY FUNNY… Wonder how much these weigh and if they could cause “blunt force trauma”…

And triple function doesn’t even include the fact it’s a lamp!