Cheaper at walmart and you don’t have to pay the shipping. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Houdini-Electric-Wine-Corkscrew/22621768

The OGGI 7007 Dial a Drink Cocktail Shaker windows don’t line up with the engraved information that you’re suppose to be able to read. Wish I noticed & could have returned it before the 30 days up - note to self: it’s woot - assume nothing and open immediately because they ship slow too.

Have you checked with Oggi? Looks to have a 90-day warranty.

Sigh. The ice trays are $9 on Amazon.

I have one of those wine chillers. It takes HOURS. Way better off using ice and water if you have to chill a bottle fast.

The Rabbit corkscrew is crazy-cool. But - I’ve seen it in “kits” that include an aerator, foil cutter, and “bottle top” re-sealer for $13 right here on home.woot…

I have the vertical Rabbit and it is Soooooooo easy to open wine bottles. I’m challenged by a traditional corkscrew.

True, but this listing is for a set of 4 for 19 bucks, which on Amazon would cost you 36 bucks.

It’s a good deal.

To anyone thinking of buying this in the last few hours of this sale: DO NOT BUY OGGI SHAKERS. The lids seal on the outside, rather than the inside, of the lower portion of the shaker, which results in tons of leaked liquids.