AbsolutelyNew ZI200 BackSling

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AbsolutelyNew ZI200 BackSling [New] - $2.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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Wow, what happened to the iPhone, was about to pull the trigger!

Would have been really funny if the item was refurbished…

Don’t think I’ve ever seen them take something down without it selling out…lol, I’d say good move woot.

I’d find it quite ironic if these were refurbs.

“Makes any chair ergonomic”

And Ugly

I thought they were selling the whole chair for $8. I almost rage bought the item.

Uh? What happened? lol nevermind no more stupid overpriced phone

Of course, I would buy this thinking it was a chair…

mercy sell.out? There was atleast twenty of them since someone bought two and there was 90% still left. Seems like some bag of crap owners might get some refurbished iphone 3g.

omg they took it down.


Crap. Absolutely

don’t be a fool. amazon has them for much less.

welll…i suppose. this will definitely sell better than that last pos

thanks woot for noticing!

At first I thought it was the whole chair, and then did the double take. Really woot, there are monkeys that are cold and frightened and want to be shipped out, think of the monkeys!

Thanks Amazon, another piece of junk.

Woot! I needed a new chair! :smiley:

Buy one of these for the next 2 day woot off.

If this was a SoakedWithSomeoneElsesBackSweat backsling, I’d be in for 3, but I don’t know about the AbsolutelyNew brand.