Abu Garcia Cardinal STX20 Reel



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Abu Garcia Cardinal STX20 Reel
$38.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I think we are getting fed a line here. Sorry this fish ain’t biting.


few things stall a woot off like a fishing reel in the dead of winter.


I wonder how that reel they were selling the other night for like $169 (or something like that…$149, perhaps?) is better or even different than this one?


I was going to stay up longer but I see this one is not going anywhere… night woot.


decent reel, retail price. woot killer


It’s still warm enough to fish in the South, my dad goes every weekend. And Someone in TX bought one! Now someone buy the rest of them.


Looks like there are 9 of these for sale…first and last was one buyer. Might not take too long with so few. Just need to find 8 more suckerfishes to buy them.


sigh I bought the stx 10 last night for the same price.


I’m with rtistics, getting sleepy and this isn’t what I was looking for to keep me wooting!


POLL: You know we do word filters. What would be a filter theme you would like to see. Think of ones with broad appeal.


surprised its not attached to an led flashlight


I think mythical creatures/monsters would be fun :slight_smile:


How bout an audyssey air port speaker, I want a second one


Good one.


Ack, it was for sale on Moofi until just two hours ago!


Looks tasty… in for 3.


Is this reel or fanta-sea?


Let’s reel in the puns please.