Abu Garcia, Nice to See Ya!



Fishers, your thoughts are welcome!


Abu Garcia along with Penn make the most reliable fishing reels out there. They may not be the most technologically advanced, but they are really well made, and can take a beating. It’s great to have a couple in your arsenal.


Agreed with weslinder.

Abu Garcia is known for quality products - similar to Penn in build quality as well. I’ve also heard about some pretty solid experiences with their customer service dept as well.

I wanted to throw a new rod/reel combo together in the beginning of the season and ended up going Shimano over my usual Penn choice… surprisingly, the Penn didn’t feel quite as good.

For someone looking to get into fishing occasionally or wanting an entry level product, one of these would suit well.


Coming from a bass fishing family, we use almost exclusively Abu Garcia reels. They’re not always the lightest, but after 30 years of fishing with a few of them, they continue to work well.


The 7000i is one of the best all-around surf reels out there. I use mine for bait fishing and very heavy plugs from the surf. The older “Made In Sweden” models are more desirable due to some parts that are now made of plastic but they can be replaced easily. These reels are also very much upgradable with magging, better bearings, etc. Just a great reel at a great price that will last a few lifetimes if you take care of it. If I didn’t own one already I would snap it up in a heartbeat.


Reels never detonate when they’re at home in your garage. They blow up when you’re out using them. I much prefer a “simpler” reel that I can take apart with a Gerber on the hood of my truck and fix rather than something that may have more features but is impossible to service myself without a clean room and a dozen specialty tools.