AC Delco 100 Pack Alkaline AA Batteries



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AC Delco 100 Pack Alkaline AA Batteries
$17.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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This pisses me off. I just bought the damn Kodak 74-pack of Alkalines the other day :stuck_out_tongue:


I know… Ridiculous innit :smiley:


I wonder if they’re Chuck Yeager approved!?



What’s the shelf life for these?


I love how he says “give me a call” as if he’s actually going to be answering that phone.


I know, right? I totally needed 300 batteries instead of just 222.


Wake me when the AAA Alkalines are up.


my map kind of looks like a T-bone steak bone… :confused:


I also bought the 72 pack of AA and AAA Kodak batteries on an earlier offering as well. At least I was able to get the AAA in the same order.


Wow you lost .02 per battery no wonder you’re so upset.


What I really need is a 100-pack of assaults to go with this.


It truly does.


Don’t really use many batteries but I’ll take one for the team.


I think there are 300 AC Delco AA batteries inside those car batteries :stuck_out_tongue: Battery Hack, lol


Since Cowboy Dan isn’t around at the moment, I’ll step in for him this one time to remind you, Toys for Tots can always use batteries.


In for one. My daughter just used the last ones in the house for her Wii Remotes.


If you decide to buy these batteries, make sure you can use them within a reasonable amount of time. I don’t know what the expiration date for these batteries is but even that may not be a safe date.

Many cheaper alkalines will leak even without use. In fact, Kodak is one of the worse, in my experience. I bought several packs of 48 Kodak alkalines for $7.99. About 6 months before their expiration date, about half of my unused batteries leaked. See photo below (note the Kodak branding in small print). Those batteries were never used, Better quality batteries don’t leak even way past their expiration date. In fact, the casing is the biggest difference between quality name brands and cheap generics. And it’s the difference between many brands’ Professional line and their regular Consumer line. The Pro line costs a lot more because the casing is more leak and corrosion proof. Otherwise, the alkaline chemistry is the same.

Because of my experience with Kodak batteries, I would NOT recommend buying cheap batteries in bulk. They will leak before you use them. And worse, your electronics will be ruined (as was my remote control).


take 3 while you’re at it :slight_smile: