AC Delco Alkaline Batteries

Junk batteries. Half the time they won’t even be recognized by the gadget I’ve installed them in.

at ACDelco, we guarantee the battery quality, as good as national brand. few of review at as following:

ACDelco batteries are no different with other brand batteries, such as Duracell battery, if your devices are not recognize the battery, that will be same for Duracell batteries, your devices maybe have problem not batteries!

I have been buying those ACDelco alkaline battery since 2012, great quality, I used it for my kid’s toy Wii, keyboard and mouse, as long as other brands, I got it fresh with date code expired 2021, good buy and recommended.

Glad to see these ACDelco batteries back on at Woot in time for holidays. Great, great price & I have found the quality is as good as the brands. Never any issues for me & my kids. Thanks Woot for these selling these batteries…

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