AC Delco Alkaline Batteries

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AC Delco Alkaline Batteries
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Wait… ACdelco batteries?!

Whats next, Motorcraft?

You can buy these to put in the RC vehicles that Woot! also has for sale.

Just a reminder that Toys for tots needs batteries just as much as they need toys. Maybe consider picking up an extra woot to donate

If you’ve got a 99 Cents Only Store near you, you can get 4 packs of AAs and AAAs for a buck, so 48 AAs and 24 AAAs would be $18+tax, which is a little bit cheaper than this deal. Plus, they’re Sony or Varta brand, which are brands I am more familiar with. Plus, you’re not forced to buy more batteries that you might need.

Does anyone know the voltage and milliampere-hour ratings for the AA batteries?

I bought these on another woot sale. The pkg states they are
1.5 volts. Doesn’t list the amp-hour rating on the pkg.

Standard 1.5 volts. Says so on the batteries in the picture.

I’m curious about the mah as well.

These are the best batteries!!! Last 1.5 times longer than Duracells.

You predicted a Romney landslide, didn’t you?

I have to say meh on the price.

ACDelco Maximum Power AA Alkaline Battery 24-Pack for $4.95 quantity 1, and even cheaper if buying greater quantities.

AAA are also available.

I dunno. Their shipping is by weight. Shipping 4 packs of AA was $8.50 to me and went up with increased quantity. Ours is $5.00 no matter how many you buy.

Reviews from Amazon:

I have used these in the past. Capacity isn’t as good as say Energizer but hard to complain at the price.

Where is my 100 pack of 9 Volts?

A few of my non-electric smoke detectors smell a conspiracy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Why buy disposable batteries when you can get some decent rechargeable for a bit more?

The Sanyo Eneloop batteries are good and last longer than standard NiMH.

Bought batteries from woot once, AA & AAA, thought it was a good deal.
They were DOA ! A $12 lesson learned.
I think they were a japanese brand.

Alkaline chemistry gives 1.5V per cell. They just stack AAAA cells in a 9V battery (the voltage of which is a confusing 9V).
Other people have measured and compared battery capacities, but I haven’t found the AC Delco tests yet. I have done a similar test on Rayovac Alkaline D cells; maybe I should get a pack or two of these for testing.

Keep in mind that some batteries are better in high-drain devices and some in low-drain devices.