AC Delco Batteries

I’m just stopping by to comment on the awesome description making fun of all the other “mother’s day gift” items LOL… Great job writers!

(The perfect Mother’s Day gift, assuming you resent your mother. Batteries are great, but not as a gift.)

Glad I spent just a little bit more for US made Rayovac batteries a few days ago here at woot! instead of these Chinese batteries.

Why? Are these not very good?

I hope they work well! I just ordered them to put in the LED lights for my wedding centerpieces!

These are not very good. Buy some at any Goodwill store and try them.

Are there any uses for D batteries any more?

Mag lights , you know those aluminum clubs with a flashlight attachment :slight_smile:

I’ve bought these ACDelco batteries before. Have not seen them in a while but the performance was as good as any of the other brands. Actually might have been a little better than the Rayovac AA.

I bought this brand AAA at BigLots awhile back and wished I had bought more…lasted longer than Duracell or Energizer, guess we’ll see if these are up to the task…

Horrible quality report for AC-Delco AA batteries. I bought these batteries to use in eInstruction CPS Clickers. They either were a bad batch or they are not meant for any continuous load use. I had to replace 70% of the AA AC-Delco batteries within 4 months…I have now replaced all of them at 6 months. The original batteries that came with the CPS units lasted between 18 and 30 months. I have since bought Woot Kodak and Sony AA batteries and have had none drain down like the AC-Delco AA’s did. Also I used some of the AC-Delco AA’s around the house with similar disappointing results where there is a continuous load/drain on them. I’d not trust them in continuous load devices.

We bought AA100 and AAA100 ACDelco battery last time, it was surprisingly good, don’t feel any different between ACDelco and Energizer brand I used to buy.
At this pricing, highly recommended!

I have had some of these AAs in a weather station for nearly a year now, never been replaced, still going strong.
They have been in minus 30 to plus 90 temperature extremes.

I bought 100 of the AA and AAA batteries from a previous Woot. They don’t seem to last quite as long as brand name batteries, but they still last about as long as any generic alkaline batteries do.

Wrong batteries sent. I ordered aaa and double a. What was sent was 9v and c batteries. Order # 4869xxxx very disappointed as this was my first dealings with woot

Hey Woot,
I ordered a 100 pack of AA batteries on 05/08/2014 (order #4869xxxx). My order came today…but, 1 pack of 8 D cell batteries showed up…not my 100 pack of AA’s. I have no use for D cells, and would really like to have the AA’s. Please let me know what I should do? Thank You!

ChickenButt & BikeCop: I’m sorry for the error. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.