AC Delco Batteries


They seem to run just as long and strong as Duracell, Rayovac, and Energizer. I’ve gone through over a hundred now, from different lots, and never had any problems. That’s with the AA, and I imagine the rest are as good. I mostly use them for bicycle headlamps. The price on these is often unbeatable and it’s become the brand I look for. I don’t know what the catch is, maybe they’re manufactured by bald eagles in a prison camp with nothing to drink but unfair-trade coffee, but it sure isn’t for lack of performance.

Got the kit and the ones that weren’t corroded became corroded quickly even stored in a dry cool office space. Pure junk I would never trust putting these in anything. The radio & flashlight were garbage too.

I have used these and they aren’t very good. I kept expecting a GM recall due to their poor quality, but I guess the requite number of consumers have not yet died, we will have to wait on these. Got mine at BigLots 20 for$4.99. Wouldn’t buy again. If you want good cheap batteries get Kirkland at Costco.

I’m a big fan of Woot’s battery sales, and have been waiting to replenish my supplies for winter.

Woot’s 12-pack 9V AC Delcos cost $34.99 including the $5 shippping, making each 9V batt $2.92.

The mother ship has a 12-pack of Duracell Procell 9 V batts (1017 reviews/4.5 rating) for $16.95 and Prime shipping. Each battery is $1.41.

I try to avoid public math, especially before I’ve had my morning caffeine. Am I missing something?

40 Toshiba AA alkaline batteries for $5 on today (9/22).

I checked the website, the spec says “AA Alkaline Batteries, Expire 1/2017”, those batteries only have 2 years in shelf life, not good. our ACDelco batteries have 6-7 years shelf life.

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kit might be worth purchasing just so you can show your grandkids what an analog radio looks like!
(Ever try to explain ‘counter-clockwise’ to someone that has only seen a digital watch/display???)

I bought AA100pk last year, still have some left, I have been use it for my wireless keyboard, mouse and my son’s Wii remote, it seems it last as long as other brand I bought before, why spend $13 dollar for Duracell AA24 at Wal-mart? this is much better deal! need some AAA now, going to buy AAA100pk.