AC Power Adaptor for Nintendo Wii

AC Power Adaptor for Nintendo Wii

Are these official Nintendo, or 3rd party? new? refurbed?

Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

I’m betting on 3rd party:

I’ve been looking thru the clearance sales, the prices suck ass. $252 for an asus google nexus 7 tablet? really? it was shipped w/ android 4 and i think can only be updated to 5. you guys gotta do better w/ your prices, especially when its listed as clearance.

The items are a percentage off the price found on Amazon for that ASIN (SKU). Sometimes items are listed with duplicate ASINs and we’ll miss that price comp.

On this one though, outside of used and eBay, we’re lower than other major retailers for this item.

Not the point, but the Nexus 7 (2013) launched with 4.3 (Jelly Beans)band was officially upgradeable to 6.0.1 (Marshmallow).

There are ROMs available for it, and mine has a Pie ROM.