Acaciaware By Pacific Merchants



So, would you use these pieces indoor or outdoor for entertaining?


Taken from their site:
"Pacific Merchants’ Acaciaware® collection is also one of the most eco-friendly serving piece collections on the market, as all of our pieces are crafted from trees that are grown and harvested from privately owned lands, and we strictly adhere to all government regulations set forth. Acacia is also a very fast-growing species of wood, and ours is harvested from trees grown specifically for use for our products. Acacia is not only a very dense wood, but it also happens to be naturally resinous, so you won’t need to use any additional products like waxes or oils in order to maintain your Pacific Merchants Acaciaware® products. Cleaning and maintaining your Acaciaware® is also very easy to do, simply wash and dry and you’re all set!"

On Amazon, a single bowl form the 4 pack listed here, costs $6.99 with around $6 shipping, or $7.99 with the FSSS(over $25).


Ha! Mine was more of a style question, really, but the info is handy. Thank you!


Because I know someone will ask… NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.


These are fabulous for entertaining. You can serve more substantial foods and the plates act as their own little tray. Only draw back is they MUST be hand washed.
Pretty decent deal on the plates, BTW. I’ve had a set for almost 30 years and they’re still going strong.


Does anyone know how the plates hold up to spaghetti sauce(discoloration), or cutting a steak or chop on them(scarring)?
I would really appreciate any input, good or bad. :slight_smile:


Apparently we all only have questions! Someone needs to start talkin’! (turns flashlight to second click and shines it in yer eyes…)

Does anyone know what species of acacia that this company uses, as apparently there a lot, and the density varies more than I realized. I’m trying to figure out how heavy it is, as in:
“Is the serving tray with handles too heavy for my (large-ish/95th percentile) 2 year old son to bring me breakfast in bed with?” Then, would the weight of the laden tray become uncomfortable over an extended and leisurely B-in-B scenario for someone who is NOT large-ish? (5’3" & petite)

I would like to replace our el cheapo Ikea trays with something a bit sturdier, but if it’s unwieldy for me to handle when filled, I’d probably be better off sitting this one out.

Thanks for any advice!


No question here, just an observation. In the specs under the listing for the “Acaciaware Appetizer Plates - Set of 4”: I’m thinking that it is highly unlikely that they are 12 feet long (it says 12’ instead of 12")…


dang nab it missed the bowls


Hmmm, that would be a doozy of an appetizer. Thanks for posting. I’ve reported the error for correcting.