Accell Outlet Multiplier

Accell Outlet Multiplier

i remember when powersquids were $8 for a two pack!


hey @ThunderThighs , I see you liking my comment, any chance of a cheapo-knockoff powersquid 2 pack deal-o-meter in “the future”

or super cheap ($0.01) crumble-upon-first-use screwdriver sets? (12 Piece Screwdriver Set) I still have some of them - the ones I haven’t yet used!

what ever happened to leakfrogs? did we harvest them to the point of extinction?

I still have some of those PowerSquids around. LOL Not sure we can get enough for a DOM. Depends on what we get from Amazon.

Alas, Leakfrogs are no more. The molds were destroyed a few years back. I tried to bring them back but it just didn’t work out.