Accellorize 2 Pack 10,000mAh Power Bank

Are they in two separate packages? As in, would gifting them separately be possible without it looking like I grabbed something just laying around my house?

I would like to know this as well.

Yes, they are packaged separately.

Any ideas what the physical size of each battery is? I don’t seem to find that either here or via The Google…

Seems like they are trying real hard not to discuss the type of battery in the unit. Li ion or NMH? Makes a big difference

Hi all. we’ve added dims and battery type to the sale.

Can these things charge themselves and a connected device at the same time?

What are these things for?

These are roughly as big as iPhone 6 plus. Not the smallest of power banks available but you don’t need another bag to carry it.

Here’s an eBay image link of the back:

Not much in the way of useful detail, but it seems like these were made by some California company. That’s why the brand name brings up almost no results otherwise.

I ordered this item through woot, and I got something from Amazon that I ordered and initiated a payment through woot which was correct. I then got a email from Amazon stating I ordered a product different than the one I ordered here, for more and a less strong power, and the tracking number is for the wrong product, which again I didn’t order

Your order for this item hasn’t shipped yet as you just placed the order yesterday. If you received something, it was from an order on Amazon.

I meant I got an email stating that I got charged the correct amount. Then, later, I got an email saying the order was for 2 of another less powerful battery and about a dollar more in cost. I never ordered those and they must be related because they are about the same price and they are the same thing. I never got a order confirmation from amazon about the product, just from woot saying I ordered the correct product

The only order I see for you on woot is this order and it’s noted as

Accellorize ACCELBATT10KWHT 2PK-10,000 mAhPowerbank White

If you have further questions, you can email I suggest you forward that email so they can understand the problem.

If your cell phone or tablet etc. battery goes dead on you,you can plug these into them and then you can keep using phone/tablet. Or if you need to charge them up use these to charge there batteries up using usb cables. google them!

Yes. Mine came in separate packages.

Both powerbank is defective. It can only charge my iPhone 4S 2-3x. iPhone 4s battery is only 1430 mah. Battery capacity is 10,000 mah.

You might contact Accellorize to see if they can help you.