Accellorize Powerbank 2200mAh, Random Colors - 3pk

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Accellorize Powerbank 2200mAh, Random Colors - 3pk
Price: $9.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Dec 03 to Tuesday, Dec 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Anybody get there’s yet? My tracking info says “shipment picked up” on 12/1 for Priority Mail 2-Day and 4 days later, nothing has changed. I had no realistic expectation of receiving this in 2 days, but I did expect that the tracking info would show some progress by now.

It took 6 days to travel 5 miles from Addison, TX to Carrollton TX and then 3 more days to get to me. Received on 12/10 - The USPS and WOOT call that 2 day priority mail.

Mine arrived yesterday. Fully charged one and then tried it to charge my phone. Phone was at 8% and within the hour, it was dead. These are junk. I swear china just makes this crap and laughs at the dumb Americans

Got mine. They charged up fine, but… they don’t have a power button or status light? They are charging my phone but perhaps only when the screen is on. Really odd. I’m using google-approved Type C cables.

Maybe I’ll try the battery packs with dumber devices.

I bought 3 sets for stocking stuffers and for myself. Charged one up (red light on the end turns blue when fully charged) and waited until my phone was down to 35%. Plugged it into my phone and it charged up to 100%. The next day when my phone was at 50% I plugged in the same unit that had not been recharged yet and it charged my phone up to 61% before being depleted. So it looks like these things are capable of delivering a decent respectable charge even if they can’t charge from nearly dead to 100%.

I live in a world where places to plug in my phone are plentiful, not the back woods, so one of these will suit my needs without issue.