Accellorize Powerbank 2200mAh, Random Colors - 3pk

I was at Apple’s WWDC conference this past summer and someone handed me one of these branded with their company. It doesn’t hold a charge very long and isn’t all that great.

it says 2,000 mAh in the specs but 2,200 mAh in the description. hmmm

All of these “off brand” banks rely on the quality of the 18650 battery that get used in the device. My past experience with these types of Chinese batteries is that the ones labeled at 2200 mAh usually end up delivering something in the range of 1100 to 1300 or so. The reputable companies use the Panasonic batteries almost exclusively for the best power and you’re not going to get that for 3 bucks. I haven’t dealt with this brand specifically, so YRMV.

Even at 2000, you’re looking at a less than half a charge for the bigger phones. The best use for these lipstick chargers is for super-emergency backups, and for all the small little USB gadgets that have been popping up lately. I have a couple of USB powered fans, LED lights, etc. Keep 'em plugged in all the time to make sure they have the fullest charge possible (assuming they have auto shutoff when charging) and they serve a nice purpose.

Having said that, and since I’m already on the free shipping list, $10 for the 3 microUSB cables is almost worth it by itself. So yeah, in for a set.

@djkid1974b, because it depends on when you ask, who you ask, when they had lunch, and how much sleep they had.

Translation: these no-names are such small capacity and tend to vary so much, the least of your worries should be +/- 200 mAh.