Accents & Decor

How are those cube sets $50 more than the leather luggage set? Seems illogical to me.

still think it’s strange to have a clock that says “Lotion” on it…

An analog clock with Roman numerals, The kids will never figure that one out.

Lots of items have no measurements, which I find very annoying, i.e. furniture. I’d never buy anything even if I loved it because there are no measurements.

woot, are there any more pictures of the “wood book cabinet” available? i’d really like to see the drawers and other views of this item.

if you’re looking for measurements on the items, check out the “specs” tab in their descriptions (under the pictures).

I’m sorry but we didn’t get samples of this item as it ships directly from the vendor. The vendor supplied us with only the one photo. I tried out my Google-fu but no luck there either. :frowning:

As mentioned above, the dimensions are usually listed on the Specs tab. If you see one missing that information, just let us know which one and we’ll see if we can’t get that information.

yeah, i’d tried some googling before i posted as well to no avail. thanks anyway…

My my Precious, just look at the time.

My mother is going blind so I think the wooden clock will be great for her. The numbers look easy to read. She has a hard time reading anything digital. Nice birthday gift for her.

Someone is obsessed with the crush song