Accents From Furinno

On the Furinno 11191BK/BK, it states on the screen that the maximum recommended weight for the TV is 120 lbs but in the description it says maximum recommenced weight is 60 lbs. Can we get clarification? This will make a difference in whether I purchase it or not.

I love the photo on the main page of the deal. Buy a set of two of our three tier shelves for your three identical sets of “History of Art, vol. 1-4” in Polish. There will still be some space left for the sad single teacup!

We checked with the vendor. The Recommended max weight is 120lbs. Sorry for the confusion.

Is anyone else having trouble trying to assemble tv stand 1119113 BK/BK? The predrilled holes for part d are on opposite sides on the top and bottom of the assembly.

Commenting in case Furinno furniture comes around again. I didn’t pay attention to the size, and I should have; the shelves I bought are tiny. Really small. Teensy teensy teensy tiny. Good for a very little kid’s room, but they looked ridiculous in my living room and office.