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This screen was irritating, but if I recall correctly he gets eaten by a Dilophosaurus… the world has a way of evening out.

Hello, Newman.

Owww, my ears! I made the mistake of clicking on the links.

How do hoodies sell out? can’t they just keep making more??

I’m so gonna wear this while driving my Jurassic Jeep.

So I don’t want to start a big “thing” here, but can someone honestly explain how shirts like this aren’t copyright infringement? It’s not a parody or a satire - it compiles a number of different elements of the film (a direct quote from the movie, the font, the colors, a character silhouette, portions of the film’s logo) into a single design.

I’m not concerned for Spielberg’s wallet on this one, I just actually want to know why it’s legal.

It looks like those hoodie sizes are the only blanks we had available for now. Sorry :confused:

The font is not copyrighted. Neither is the saying. Jurassic Park is implied of course. I still think this is considered comedy/parody.

The saying, the font, etc might not be copyrighted, but their use together is absolutely intellectual property. (Fonts can actually be copyrighted, but I’m not sure about that one - don’t know who designed it and/or if it is commercially available). And just because a quote itself isn’t intellectual property, its use in conjunction with other elements that are clearly from the film implies derivation.

You see fan art and fan fiction in this vein all the time - but it’s only allowed if you don’t actually sell it or profit off it. Even then there is a gray area.

I swear I’m not “concerned” as much as I’m genuinely curious about why it’s legal. I don’t see this remotely as parody. It might be considered humorous, but only because the quote and scene in the movie are funny by intent. This doesn’t cast the quote or the scene in an alternate light to suggest irony or parody. If anything, it just pretends to murk the waters by not actually using the full likeness of Nedry, opting for a stylized silhouette. Everything else is direct elements of the film and its logo, simply culled in a creative way as to not be a single element from the film.

I think you’d have a tough time suggesting this wasn’t a derivative work. It directly speaks to elements of the film franchise without any sort of “twist” to imply that it’s ironic or parody.

Again, more my curiosity here than anything else.

Since I am no lawyer my guess is, they have nothing to gain by wasting time and money sending out cease and desist letters from blood sucking lawyers. Not only is it free advertising for them, but in the long run, they gain from furthering our fandom

If that’s the explanation, I’m on board, trust me. But basically what you’re saying is that “it’s probably not legal, but they don’t really care.”

So what is the magic word anyway?

I don’t care for lawyers, do you?

I hope everyone has this etched in their brains for the rest of the day: Dennis Nedry

Movie and entertainment companies pick whom they go after with their cease and desist letters and expending huge amounts of money - sometimes even when they KNOW they do not have the law behind them and that they will lose at trial (and do).
They pursue, sue and bring to trial ridiculous cases costing individuals huge amounts of trouble and money in the process of their defense.
Trust me, I know someone in this business.

After all, haven’t we all heard about this incidence of Star**cks going after someone?
I agree with most of the posters above: looks like it may be infringement, do think it brings positive press to a decades old movie, not sure I care that much for the legal profession, do think it’s amazingly well done, did think the songs in the write up were horribly delightful, do wonder how hoodies sell out ( I WOULD think they can just make more), and I AM hungry.

Ok, no one else is hungry. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saying.

(Access Denied. To food.)

I like the concept, and got the reference immediately. What I don’t understand is why artists continue to put these ‘taglines’ below the design. To me it kinda hits you over the head with the joke (“Did you get it? It’s from this movie.”) and makes it less funny/clever overall, and at least for me, less likely to purchase/wear.

Love the design… want less words.

Rad shirt.

For bonus fun, google “nedry fan art”. You’ll know -it- when you see it.

Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson over here!