Accessories for Outdoorsy People

All about the bargain hunting!!

just ran about 20 shells of 2 3/4 #7 birdshot with that camo reflex site on my 12 gauge … wanted to see if it could tolerate the recoil and it did… was a lot of fun, never had a red dot on my shotty!

also - the camo on the reflex site matches up really nice with RealTree hardwoods HD-green camo finish on my shotty

That’s good to know. There are a lot of mixed reviews on these reflex sights on Amazon. I want one for my AR, but I’m having trouble pulling the trigger getting one. And they’ve been $39 on Amazon for a while, so it makes it harder to just go for it since I’m not really getting a special deal on Woot.

Since when do most outdoorsy people go hunting?
Please rename your title to “A lot of Accessories for Hunters and a Couple for Outdoorsy People”