Accessorize Your Kid

Does their appearance on sellout.woot mean that you won’t be getting any more of the mogo charms in the future?

one never knows.
such is the mystery that is Woot.

but plenty of products make repeat appearances, so i bet they’ll make a comeback.

The MOGO charms that are in the tin…are they just randomly chosen by the guys loading the boxes? I have a 9 yr old girl, so it would be a bummer to buy this thing and have all of the charms be boy stuff…

Those light up flip flops are awesome!!! (I so wish they were in a larger size!)

It’s 3 charms as shown on the cover of the tin.

Beware the apparent awesomeness. I got a pair of the rainbow ones for my daughter and the soles are stiff as a board and the straps are hard plastic with little/no give. She put them on, walked about 2 steps, kicked them off saying “ouch…” and has not touched them since.