Accessory Kit for Acer Aspire 10.1" & 11.6"

Bet this works with any netbook

Wow woot, way to narrow the target consumer base.

apparently amazon buying woot means wootoffs are amazons way of getting rid of the extra crap

hopefully by the time i comment on this someone will buy them all…

I think it would work with any other brand as well, but the protective carrying case probably requires an adapter

Its just about that time…

What is this I don’t even

If I didn’t already buy a wireless mouse and case a week ago, I would be all over this…idk if the dvd drive is worth it.

Does that mean we’re getting better bags of crap?

guess this ends the woot off. what are the chances of someone being up this late that owns an acer aspire and actually wants this?

This is the first WO since Bezos took over, right?

Man, talk about a lackluster performance so far.

I stayed up for this?


I sold my POC Acer Aspire 10.1 that I got on woot. I got $117.00 for it on eBay even though I bought it for $160.00 off of woot. Not bad

I wouldn’t mind this kit… unfortunately, all my netbooks are 12 inches or bigger. :expressionless:

guess not

I want one for my Extensa, but too much for just acer branded.

can anybody say for sure that this will work with the asus 1005hab that i bought on friday?

Wow, there must’ve been only one Tablet converter thing.

It’s so product-specific, but it looks like a nice enough kit.

I want the pen and that frame back. Especially that photoframe. I desperately want to go to sleep and not miss it. I will buy that digital frame in a heartbeat :’(