Acclaimed Australian Wines

I don’t have a lot of experience with Australian Wines - so I’m really looking forward to hearing what they’re like. :slight_smile:

So now woot is advertising their wines with “ratings”? Sad day.

Eh. I suppose they’re helpful to some, but I’d rather get my recommendations from the community.

Acclaimed Australian Wines

Stonier 2005 Australian Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$44.99 (Normally $75.00 40% off List Price)
2005 Stonier Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula Australia

Stonier Australian 2004 Reserve Chardonnay 3-Pack
$52.99 (Normally $105.00) 50% off List Price
2004 Stonier Reserve Chardonnay

Mitchelton 2003 Australian Shiraz 3-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $120.00) 50% off List Price
2003 Mitchelton Print Shiraz

Petaluma 2008 Australian Riesling 4-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $80.00) 25% off List Price
2008 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling
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Previous offer:
3/3/12 (2005 Stonier PN)

This is a broad generalization and definitely doesn’t fit every Australian wine, but if I were to summarize Australian wines, I’d say think: BIG, BOLD, JUICY.

I must be missing where the ‘ratings’ are…?

I will say that the last two days on the main wine.woot have felt like throwbacks, in a good way - lots of winery participation and conversation in the main threads, which has been a bit lacking of late.


Right on the features tab for all the wines except the Pinot Noir.

That explains it - the only one I clicked on was the pinot.

Previous offers of the Stonier Australian Pinot Noir:

So this looks like it’s a Woot!Plus deal at a Woot! price.

Anyone have any experience with the Mitchelton 2003 Australian Shiraz?

As others have said, I’m interested in the communities opinions, not published ratings…

I was considering getting this as a gift for my parents who seem to prefer Australian Shiraz over most other wines.


I’ve got six of these and haven’t opened a single one. Guess I need to remedy that…
Perhaps a bit too much Esterlina Dry Riesling to do this justice, but…

Bright pale ruby with a touch or brick.
Some funk blowing off to earthy forest and fruit, cherry perhaps.
Smooth fruity entry, good balance and a medium long tart cherry finish.

Liking Pinots, but still trying to see if I’m a fan of Aussie styles. Seems like a solid $15 bottle that I’ll consider picking up some more of, pending tomorrow’s woot and free shipping.

Went in for the Shiraz and the Riesling.

Now to make room for them…