Account locked

I have another account with email

However, I can’t log in with that account and it is locked.

Help us protect your account

  • We have detected unusual activity on your account and have locked it temporarily. Please contact customer service for further assistance.

this message keeps showing…

I emailed to several times(I also sent billing address, billing statement, and cardholder conformation by email), but it didn’t help.

Since I can’t contact customer service with problematic ID, I’m writng with this account.

With the account, I ordered Airpods pro (order number #678xxxxx), and I have no idea if the order got denied or not, and I didn’t get my money back still(order date 12.12 maybe 12.11 in U.S)

Please let me know what happen to my order and if it is denied I want my money returned as soon as possible.

And PLEASE let me know HOW TO UNLOCK THE ACCOUNT… please.

Do you enjoy spam? You should never post your email addy in an open forum.




I thought ThunderThighs was passed out on her fainting couch after yesterday’s Woot-Off.


Good point.



sorry. thanks for advice. I was so frustrated and made a mistake…

I don’t think there’s anything I can do. It would have to be TT, as far as I know.

They probably just wanted you to scrub the personal details from the original post to spare this poor soul from ungodly and godly emails by tomorrow morning.


Yeah, a certain penguin pointed that out to me a few minutes ago. I’m not a smart person. Thanks, though. :smiley:


Hi there. As noted by others, never put personal information in public forums.

Unfortunately, your order was denied. There’s nothing we can do about that as we use an automated service for payment security checks. If you are seeing a charge on your account, it’s only the authorization charge. That will drop off automatically when the reach charge doesn’t come through. How long that takes is up to your bank.

I don’t have information on locked accounts. Sorry.