Account Overview :Woot Count

Account Overview : Woot Count does not seem to be updating?

Not sure? Mine seems correct.

What number are you seeing and what did you expect to see?

It doesn’t count canceled, returned, etc.

I was seeing this, too. I can’t point to a specific item that didn’t show up, but “Woots:” count on my account page is 98, but my “Stuff you bought” page has 111 items. I can only remember returning 1 woot and certainly not 13. It seems like it was stuck at 97 for a while, until today’s Bag of Crap.

Did you ever get denied for something like a bag of crap or have one canceled? Look through your order history and you may well see ‘denied’ or ‘canceled’ on some of the orders.

One counts denied, canceled, refunded, etc. The other doesn’t. I mean, why would we do the same number in both places? That’s old school.

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When I made my original comment on this thread, I had 83 woots. I order something two days later. I still have 83 woots.

Yeah, when I looked again, the list had 11 denied, 1 cancelled, and 1 returned, accounting for the difference. Interestingly, there was also 1 “Preparing for Shipment”, for an order that I have received.

Yeah, I’m not sure how or when things update. We haven’t touched that part of the code in a … well, very long time. LOL