AccuBrite FREEINK4LIFE Ink Cartridge Refill Kit


HP Laserjet compatable?

EDIT: 1st post! Yeahhhhhhhhh


Is it MAC compatible?


Seriously? Thats like asking if this is Strawberry Shortcake compatible.



This looks messy, But Could save much money. anyone ever use a familar system ?


wait… let me understand this…

it is FREE INK 4 LIFE for $20?

that makes no sense … how is that free? l o l


Good point. I guess I was jumping for the 1st post.


This comes with, among other things, a hand drill and metal pry bar. Apparently, refilling your ink cartridges is a lot like stealing a car.

only less fun.


woot off…i might save $20 over here…but is this worth it…maybe i’ll just grab a new printer during the woot off for $20


wow 199 on the website

but then 10 dollar each… no membership needed…this comany is weird


Should be called lets waste another $20



Hand Drill
Large Plugs
Small Plugs
Metal Pry bar
Aluminum Tape
Eyelet Screw Tool

What, no blow torch?


This is likely to fly under the radar as result of the woot-off. But it is definitely a good deal.


It mentions only having to pay shipping for more ink…it’s probably $15-20/bottle of ink shipping when you need them.

Still, if the ink is good quality and the refill tools are decent, this may be easily worth the money. I still don’t recommend people refill old ink carts more than twice, though.

And also keep in mind if you still have an inkjet printer under warranty and you use a refilled or remanufactured cartridge and IT causes damage to the printer, your printer warranty is voided.


WooT OFF !!!


Holy inkblot, batman!
You can only order 1 bottle each time you need a refill, and shipping is $10 FOR EACH BOTTLE!!!


I’ve bought ink from before and the refill process is a little messy but not too bad. You need to be careful though. Don’t accidentally squirt the blue into the magenta reservoir or you’re screwed. lets you select your specific printer and tells you what kits you need for it. Maybe that’s not necessary. I don’t know. I think I paid at least double this price though, and I still think it was worth it. New cartridges are outrageous.


Woot Off…NOW