AccuFire Pepper Spray with Laser Sight

i think better than laser would be one of those CREE blinding pulsating flash lights as a combo with this… ie. u aim the pulsating light and spray the attacker or object… ha ha

I bought my wife the same one. She loves that she can aim it & we hope she never uses it.
I just have to never piss her off now…

What is the expiration date as they lose pressure over time?

Per the vendor: “Expiration date is printed on the bottom of the canister. Our cans have a 4-year expiration from the date of manufacture.”

When asked about the date of manufacture they said that the cans offered in this event are ~3 months old.

I remember when we could only carry 2% and the police carried 10%. 18% sounds strong, but what about SHUs? I personally won’t carry pepper spray because I was sprayed in training and it didn’t effect me until I washed it off. Plus, most people who carry do not realize they’re likely to have it blown back in their own face, so even if it is effective, it might be just as effective on themselves.

Shipping makes it exact same price as amazon regular price with prime


that is lame. I’m also wondering how long the battery would last…

Seems like good 'ol sabre red would be good.

Do you have a link for that? I’d love to pass it along to my vendor team.

Super Lame! Faster shipping with Amazon Prime, too.

I found one on Amazon hereabouts, not certain same product commodog was referring to.


I thought this was a great idea. Combine two items I carry into one. Unfortunately it fails when doing a presentation in a small room. I didn’t like those jerks anyway.

Pepper spray: should work great.
Presentation pointer: Only if you want your audience in tears.