I like the shirt, but the fingerings are wrong. 1 is pointer finger, 2 is middle, and so on. Good luck fingering a C and D like this. Also… phrasing.

Nice call, glad you found that before I purchased! Could’ve been a great shirt without that MAJOR mistake.

These details ruined the shirt for me. It is a nice design, very clever, but I won’t ever wear the shirt knowing the charts are wrong lol

Maybe it’s the Jimi Hendrix version?

But yeah, even then it’s rather difficult to finger the third fret of the A string AND leave the string open as the C chord seems to suggest.

Yup, its wrong. How did I miss that? Maybe it will be worth some money due to the flaw? I will sell any of you mine for $2,000. Hurry before its too late.

I’m returning mine right when it gets to the door.