ACDelco 60-Count AA Batteries

ACDelco 60-Count AA Batteries

Are these fulfilled by the mothership?

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No. It’s fulfilled by our vendor. If it’s fulfilled by Amazon, it will say it near the shipping info.

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While we wait…

$1.86 more at Amazon…

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YAY! We’re cheaper.

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But not with the 40% off for subscribe and save, and one day shipping. I absolutely love Woot, and if I wasn’t going camping this weekend and out of AA batteries, I wouldn’t have cancelled my order. SORRY!

Beware. These puppies leak like a seive

Maybe I am mis-reading your statement…the one time purchase price and the subscribe and save seem to be the same…

Hopefully they send the people that bought “60” actually “60” and not just 1 battery…



Maybe the timing was off, or you’ve bought them before? Mine said “40% off first subscribe and save order”. I have subscribed other items before and am not new to Amazon so I am not sure. But I got the 60 pack for just under $11.

yeah, that could be… glad ya got yours in time! Happy camping!!

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