ACDelco Air Conditioning Compressor/Hose

ACDelco Air Conditioning Compressor/Hose

How bad has Woot become when it’s promoting deals on rando car parts? Used to be fewer deals, but they were typically fairly sweet stuff.

Oh, we like to go through the Amazon warehouse and grab some of their stuff that’s been sitting there for a while. You’d be surprised what we can sell.

Bacon coffin anyone?

Don’t forget a single plastic banana for $50.

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Remember when Woot sold a plastic banana TWICE for 50K but then cancelled the order both times?

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Good times.

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Simpler times.

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It’s like it was last week.

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I was so young then.

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I wasn’t. Be on the lookout for my walker, you little hooligan.

Be on the lookout for flying light-up fidget spinners then. :yum:

They would make some nice bling for my walker.

Better then the tennis balls?

Only slightly.

How about a horn?

I’m thinking a siren and red/blue lights.


Don’t tempt me.

Of course not.