ACDelco Bundle: AA 48pk, AAA 24pk

ACDelco Bundle: AA 48pk, AAA 24pk

These are actually really good batteries, my preferred. Though, if you have a Menards near you, the 24 packs are like $4 each after rebate (in store credit) thru the end of the week for black Friday. If you don’t spend pathological amounts of money at Menards (and thus wouldn’t readily spend store credit), this looks like a pretty solid deal.

They’re average if used in items that aren’t used often such as a remote that isn’t used very often. But, their shelf life isn’t very good when compared to other brands and their duration is awful if used in items that are used on a regular basis.

You get what you pay for with these. There’s reasons why they’re cheaper than their competition.

But they rarely if ever leak, which puts them pretty high in my book.

Understood. But, if you need to buy 2 in order to last as long as the price of 1 of it’s competition, is it really a deal?

Also, if an interested buyer takes a look at Amazon reviews, there’s a number of them that agree with my opinion on these.

Maybe these don’t leak often because they don’t last long enough to leak, and they just simply die?

A dead battery can still leak.

While it’s true that the Potassium Hydroxide can leak from a dead battery, if a battery’s life ends quickly in an item that is used often, it’s probably getting replaced before it has the chance to break it’s seal from the breathing process.

Personally, I only use Fuji, Duracell(and Kirkland which are just Duracell with a Kirkland label) and Energizer and haven’t had a battery leak on me for decades. Maybe I’m lucky. But, imho, I’d much rather pay a bit more for a battery that I know will last longer instead of buying a larger quantity of batteries that have a shorter duration. If that’s just me, so be it. But, my opinion on ACDelco batteries remains the same regardless.

To be honest, if it goes through batteries quickly, I usually put rechargeables in it, which means only low drain devices end up with these long term. I imagine in some part that might be a reaction to small capacity.

Pretty much anything I put a Duracell (or Kirkland) in leaks before using up the charge. Maybe I’m unlucky :wink: