ACDelco Plug-2-Go Car to Car Charging System – 2 Pack

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ACDelco Plug-2-Go Car to Car Charging System - 2 Pack
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Sun-Mate 829 Plug-2-Go Car to Car Charging System

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This beats jumper cables by a mile. Easy to carry and easy to use.


$15.26 over at amazon

Again…or didn’t these say PEAK on them last time?

So I can use jumper cables and start my car instantly/in 1-2 minutes, or wait 10-40 minutes?


here’s the product website

Previous woot of similar item. Doesn’t look so good. Seem like it’s not time to throw the jumper cables out yet.

I’m not sure how well these would work to replace jumper cables. Jumper cables seem to be a sure fire way to get your car moving again while this a hit or miss.

So if you use BOTH of them together can you get going in 5-20min instead of 10-40min?

At least this one doesn’t call itself a “jump starter” like the last one offered, and has realistic time estimates. Still, who wants to run their engine (preferably a little above idle) for half an hour for a dead battery? This is best for starting small cars that can still crank the engine over.

How fast do they charge compared to a home charger?

Manufacturer Website!

If these things work so well, why do most people still use jumper cables?

Normally when ones battery is dead, they find out when they’re wanting to…you know…go somewhere.

Good idea in theory (not really)…but I’d take regular jumper cables any day.

1-2 minutes vs 30-40 minutes

no brainer in my opinion

Zero to 14 amps??? 14amps you’ll fry the wire no problemo.

Wait, wha? So would I be correct in assuming, then, that if you were stranded on the road and a stranger who didn’t happen to own jumper cables pulled up along side of you and offered help, he would just drive off unless he’s willing to wait 30 minutes while you charge your battery? This is a better option than jumping with jumper cables why?

About as fast as a typical small home charger. Much more slowly than one with an ‘instant start’ feature.

just buy a manual trans and bump start it

Does it takes half an hour to jump start a car with a dead battery? OR does it just take half an hour to charge a cars dead battery?