ACDelco Plug-2-Go Car to Car Charging System – 2 Pack

Thanks MacGyver

You opened the floodgates!! (Go PC! Steve Jobs stinks!)

Now that’s a use I can buy into!

This past winter my fiancee’s battery died and when we tried to jump it with my car, her hood latch was frozen shut. One of these was the only way for us to get her car out of taco bell. Definitely not as efficient as jumper cables, but for that worst case scenario they do work. Two for this price sure beats the $20 for one at pep boys

Good for you though, being so helpful, getting that “frickin’ drunk”, as you say, right back on the road…where he belongs!! Well done!

Yeah…if you don’t mind hanging out for an hour for it to work…beats jumper cables? Perhaps you should read the reviews…

These do not work! I been trying to charge a dead battery for 3 hours with no results LOL

I drive 2 hours to camp. I figure since the suv has two lighter outlets, I can charge the lawnmower battery on the way up, maybe even the boat battery? Time will tell whether or not I just wasted the wherewithall to stop at Arbies once this season on my way.

Don’t waste your time or your money on these. Use the right tool for this job. Jumper cables will do the job in 5 minutes. The likelihood of these working at all is very small.

this is like blowing up a balloon through thin coffee-stirrer-type straws… you have relatively thin wires going cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter AND then you are going through even thinner wires from the back of the lighter all the way back to the batteries…
I’m sure it works if you have the patience and time… it’s gotta take a while…


A very lucid and concise analogy of the situation, which shows a very strong and clear thinker. To the above, I will add this…

(1) I agree that the charging car should be at a higher level to get the benefit of gravity, but you completely overlooked an important issue. The charging car must also face the back of the car which is being charged. The reason for this is that like poles repell and unlike poles attract. If both cars are facing each other, nothing happens.

(2) When you buy this equipment from Woot, make absolutely sure to remove any indication of the low price you paid. If you don’t do this, the equipment will feel cheap and maybe unwanted which would result in very poor performance for you.

I have a pacemaker, so these could be useful (I’m not supposed to use jumper cables).

In for none, however, on the less than stellar reviews - I don’t have an hour to jump a car…

what!? it takes 20-30 MINUTES to charge a battery enough to start the car. It takes like 5 to use jumper cables. Good luck finding someone who is willing to sit there that long.

“good for the wife” “good for the daughter” etc…

Not all women are idiots! Some of us are actually capable of using jumper cables! For those less fortunate with brains, I’m sure the person who stops to help would know how to properly hook the cables up for them. Just sayin’…

Possible causes:

  • Sometimes dead batteries are just dead and cannot be charged.
  • The fuse for your lighter/power socket is blown so no juice is flowing (on either end) You need to test the power plug and or fuses
  • You are not waiting long enough between tries. Every time you switch on your car and try and start it, you just about start over.

Are you kidding me? All you need 14AWG at the largest. Regardless jumper cables still way better.

It doesn’t matter you can connect right to the battery instead of the frame. They are tied together.

3 to 5 amps, max, via a lighter plug. Yes, it will work, eventually! A commercial jump start can be up to 125 amps, or more. Do the math. 5 amp hours…

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Used it today, took an hour and a half to charge the car enough to be able to turn it over.