ACDelco Plug-2-Go Car to Car Charging System – 2 Pack

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o & btw: that higher elevation thing won’t work on magnetic hill, where cars roll contrary to gravity. but otherwise, very valuable advice; although you left out the part about recommending the use of left handed tools wherever possible, as they also help improve the flow of electrickery.

Seriously? People are willing to sit around that long just to charge a battery?

500A through 15A wiring? 15A fused circuit? - How long do you think the fuse would last? Hardly long enough to get the wire warm. Add to that the fact that most vehicles today, with switched lighter/aux power sockets, disconnect them when cranking.

Speaking of Hondas, if you disconnect one side of the battery on newer models when jumping to another battery, as proposed earlier, your radio is disabled until you reload the security passcode.

I’ve seen mention of surges when connecting another battery for a jump. Don’t think so. Most of the power will be going into the battery, thus it will act as a surge suppressor. The business about blowing out ECUs/ECMs during a jump has been hyped by dealers frequently to cover their asses for failed equipment. Of course, if you’re stupid enough to hook up jumper cables wrong, you deserve what you get.

yeah, heaven forbid you should get her real jumper cables and teach her how to use them… getting all self sufficient and that, she’ll never land a husband - that’s why you’re sending her to college, to find mr. right, right?

By ‘calling AAA’, you mean calling on your AAA batteries, right? Not a bad idea - that’s what I do. I take my TV remote when I drive anywhere. And if my car battery dies, I start looking for someone who knows how to mod a TV remote so I can press Power to start my car. It’s more convenient than these charger cables because I’m used to carrying my remote around in my hand, but not cables like these.


here’s whatcha do:

  1. red (+ or pos) on dead battery terminal to red on live battery terminal;

  2. black (- or neg) on live battery terminal to engine block of dead car NOT THE BATTERY TERMINAL!

  3. Gun Live car while starting dead.

  4. Disconnect in reverse order.

Ask a Canadian, we know what we’re doing and the best beer to drink while doing it.

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you’re welcome.

At least with these you don’t have to worry about ruining the alternator on the donor car.

I tend to agree with everything you said except for the math. It is not like pouring a little bit of electricity from one battery into the other. in fact, the only I have been able to reliably jumpstart a car, particularly one with a larger V6 engine as the dead one, is to use heavy gauge charging cables bbattery to battery and then hand signal the operator of the charging car

Mr. Smith was stuck out there in nowhere on a back country road and without jumper cables ( he went to look at a cow and left his lights on. I drive by with my Harley he waves and I stop see if I can help. Clearly one would doubt that a biker can help and yes I happen to have one of these devices in my saddle bag. I plug it into my lighter and into the cars. We chat about biking and after a few minutes (it was about 10) Mr Smiths car started and I packed up my Go Car to Car Charging System and another good deed done. True story. No they are not jumper cables but more than once I have used these suckers and made someones day. Hopefully I will not need them for myself but if I do I got something. Beats waiting an hour for AAA or cursing that there are no cables around. Oh I am getting 2 more for gifts. Ladies if you need a boost stop a biker!

WRONG! So in their wonderful cheapness, the big power batteries that drive the car WILL NOT “start” the car sadly. And there is no “jumper” to even use all that power if the 12 volt battery goes dead.

The Prius, like a regular car, uses the 12 volt battery to start everything. So having a fully charged drive system can still result in a dead car if the 12 volt battery is dead (if you left the dome light on over night for example.)

That said, getting your Prius to “ready” state takes a lot less power than a normal car IF the drive batteries have sufficient charge. I have “started” my Prius with a household charge on a dead 12V batter in just a few minutes; just enough charge to get all the electronics to turn on and get the car to ready. Seems once the drive system is on, the engine had no trouble starting. Perhaps there IS a 12V charging system once the car is on? Not sure.

Lstly, given the stupid location of the 12V battery on a Prius (behind a kick panel in the hatch section, which you cannot open without power!!!), this is a LOT easier than jumper cables.

You of course forgot to say WHY you should do it your way. The other way is not wrong, but it could lead to sparks near the battery which could ignite a small amount of hydrogen that bubbles off the battery when charging. By moving the second connection away from the battery, you also move the spark you will get away when connecting AND disconnecting. After a long bit of charging, I have seen some good “pop” flashes from sparks near a battery.

Thanks MacGyver

You opened the floodgates!! (Go PC! Steve Jobs stinks!)

Now that’s a use I can buy into!

This past winter my fiancee’s battery died and when we tried to jump it with my car, her hood latch was frozen shut. One of these was the only way for us to get her car out of taco bell. Definitely not as efficient as jumper cables, but for that worst case scenario they do work. Two for this price sure beats the $20 for one at pep boys

Good for you though, being so helpful, getting that “frickin’ drunk”, as you say, right back on the road…where he belongs!! Well done!

Yeah…if you don’t mind hanging out for an hour for it to work…beats jumper cables? Perhaps you should read the reviews…

These do not work! I been trying to charge a dead battery for 3 hours with no results LOL

I drive 2 hours to camp. I figure since the suv has two lighter outlets, I can charge the lawnmower battery on the way up, maybe even the boat battery? Time will tell whether or not I just wasted the wherewithall to stop at Arbies once this season on my way.

Don’t waste your time or your money on these. Use the right tool for this job. Jumper cables will do the job in 5 minutes. The likelihood of these working at all is very small.