Ace is up all night. Are you?


Are you up all night? Is your house clean, bills are paid, tired of watching tv and reading your books. Can’t talk on the phone, cause you know normal people, who are sleeping. Are you bored out of your mind and just can’t sleep? Well I’d like to know if anyone else is up all night. Come one, come all, I know someone is lurking out there.


You still hiding…


OMG, a new thread that hasn’t been trashed!?!?!? What is going on here?


We’re all being very nice. Leave it alone.


Thanks for being nice but I’m not sensitive to trashing a thread or me. I know I am crazy right now staying awake does that.


Pretend you are a college kid, call someone!


I think she was going to bed around 7. Hope she’s still sleeping.


yeah, that was yesterday. She should still be asleep.

Stop posting so I can go to sleep!


Just finished a job. Doing a spellcheck and going to bed. Night.


I am still awake.

For now, anyhow…


Terry, this means you are sleeping???

YAY!! Good on ya, love!!!



Yep, fell to sleep around 7:30 didn’t wake up till 5:45 AM. I am officially rested. Sorry to see you were up again last night. Hope you’re sleeping in.


I’m awake now…oh, too late!!



I swear, I don’t know where this insomnia thingy came from!! Used to be, I could sleep at a drop of the hat!!!
Perhaps that dreaded change of life, lol…



I haven’t even started the change of life…no symptoms at all so far…wasn’t up till I started worrying about the baby…Oh, by the way I saw looking back on last nights threads someone mentioned most of the children of the wooters were male. Well I am having another boy. Maybe woot is responsible and not my husband. haha


Lol… I am up all night, but at least I get paid for it…


Maybe you could get Acemom a job at night with you. Then I’d have to start a new thread for her “Who is up all day”.


Acemom, Looking thru the threads from last night. I am glad to see I didn’t see your name late at night. Could it be you actually, finally were able to get comfy with your pillow?
Hope you’re sleeping in and don’t wake up till tomorrow. Or could you be here sleeping


Anyone awake tonight? I read on another thread that Acemom you feel to sleep earlier tonight and was having hot flashes. Are you still up?