Acebeam X45 II Flashlight 18000 Lumen

Acebeam X45 II Flashlight 18000 Lumen <- The X45 version 2 is no joke.

A lot of people may wonder why the X65 has a higher price but lower lumens than the X45. As you can see below the X45 has more lumen but less candela per lumen. Lumeen is the radiated light and candela is the strength of the light emission. X65 will pretty much go twice the distance of the x45 but the x45 will be brighter. Shame no steals on the X70, been wanting one. Currently enjoying an HID flashlight when I go camping.

AceBeam X70 - 60,000 lm, 310,000 cd, 5 cd/lm
AceBeam X45 II - 18,000 lm, 109,000 cd, 6 cd/lm
AceBeam X65 - 12,000 lm, 423,000 cd, 35 cd/lm
AceBeam K65 - 6,200 lm, 257,000 cd, 41 cd/lm

Looks like this dropped down to the 179 mark about a month ago. They must be dumping some stock for new releases.

This is worth checking out:


Oh nice, I was about to ask this question. We really need to get some good flashlights for around the property and camping for safety(Rocky mountain area and associated wildlife), would prefer the x45 types but they are way out of our range unfortunately. Especially since something seems to crap out frequently that needs repairs. I guess we will be sticking with the usual $10 junk for the time being, unfortunately.

Appreciate knowledgeable people like yourself breaking down things for us that are looking at things for the future.


Glad I can help mate! Check out the Reddit list of popular flashlights. You can easily find awesome flashlights for well under this price range.

No one can ever explain things as well as this reddit community has.


Will do, thanks once again!

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Fellow flashaholic here. These are great lights, but you pay a premium for the quality. IMHO this might be a better deal:

Not nearly as bright, but no slouch for sure. Unless you have a lot of property, you’ll find more than 5,000 lumens is overkill.

For the X65 there is this:

Again, these aren’t as well made or bright as the Acebeams, but for casual use they will suffice. Sofirn is a newer brand with a great reputation for quality lights at a reasonable price. So if you have a little sticker shock there are alternatives. I have these two Sofirns and they are excellent. I also have an Acebeam x80gt and the fit and finish is better, but I’m not sure if that alone is worth the price of admission.