Acellories 6200 mAh Dual USB Power Bank - 2 Pack

So I just had this delivered to me and had to pay postage due on it even though I never chose to have expedited shipping or anything, and chose it to ship under the $5 ships your entire order. Anyone else have any issues with this?

Whoa, that’s weird. Take a photo of whatever shows the postage due and send a link to CS.

You can use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Yeah, I tried that and they just claimed that my order comfirmation shows I only paid $5, kinda missing the point of what the issue with postage due is. I responded to that email with a picture of the package with the postage due sticker on the shipping label so hopefully they can figure it out from that. Still waiting for a response on it.