Acer 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive and 6 Cell Battery

oh good, another computer…

welcome back computer…

These netbooks really aren’t that great of a deal!


Two items after this will be a Notebook.

I’m sensing a pattern here.

I like netbooks as much as the next guy, but enough already please.

oh god, another computer…

That desktop wallpaper looks exactly like a Mac. Nice job Woot

Great! Netbooks are the new Roomba.

No Carp today…

see you all at 4pm tomorrow.

lunch break!

What is it with woot and trying to unload all their computers and laptops?

here’s the 6cell you were all crying for earlier.

The laptops are on full throttle. I haven’t viewed all the specs for all the computers being listed today but I can guarantee you people are kicking themselves in the butt for not buying a more recent laptop being posted.

Who would of known though. Stinks for them. hehe.

Thanks for dropping by homeskillet.

Oh Thank god another computer that change was so shocking I almost passed out.

dn it w00t im really getting tired of seeing damn computers!!!

i have one already how the hell do you think i am looking at this???

I miss the good ole Excalibur stuff…

… it may have been junk, but at least it had some variety.

Give me something like a remote control floating drink holder…