Acer 11.6" Intel 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

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Acer 11.6" Intel 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook
Price: $179.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Love our two R11s. Good price for a refurb even without the snazzier aluminum panel.

“Asus” is French for “side dish of sweet potatoes”

Is this Acer or Asus??

will this run Android apps/play store?

Yes, it should. The C738T is on this list:

Acer Chromebook R11 (CB5-132T, C738T)*
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There is one thing I’ve always wondered on the Play store enabled Chromebooks. Can you store the apps on the SD card or do they have to reside on the OS Drive? 16 GBs isn’t much especially after you add an OS.

Ooops, write-up has been corrected.

Just the OS drive. Chrome OS and Android Apps have made a lot of progress, but they’re still kind of mish-mashed together when it comes to storage. The good news is that apps aren’t generally huge, and since you’ve got a full version of Chrome, you need a lot fewer apps than you would on a phone or something.

Just an overall, personal experience comment on Acer: poor quality, short lifespan. My shop is littered with the carcasses of carpy Acer laptops, as well as HPs (imagine that…the two brands always available here as refurbs). I steer by clients away from them at all cost. YMMV of course.

This device is not the same as your corporate laptops or even home laptops running Windows. This is the Chrome operating system on a Chromebook. Much less overhead on the system and much less substance to the hardware, which all mean less heat. The heat in a laptop is what eventually kills it. Since the average user does not keep a laptop clean and on a ventilated hard surface while using the device, laptops tend to last two to three years and then die. This Chromebook should generate far less heat during use, and while still needing to be used on a ventilated surface, should be hardier overall. It isn’t not a device for serious gaming or anything else. These are designed to check email, work on some documents, surf the web and that is it. These should be great for those purposes. What needs to be addressed directly by the sellers though, is are these devices FULLY compatible with the Google Play store? Just because you can load some Android apps onto it does not mean it is fully compatible with the Google Play store.

I’ve never owned an Acer Windows PC, but their Chromebooks are uniformly excellent in my experience, especially the R11. My brother, my mom, and a close friend all have them and love them to death. I’ve got two first gen Acer Chromebooks in my house that are both still running just fine, one of them belonging to a teenager the last several years. I got the Samsung Chromebook Plus when I last upgraded because I wanted the higher definition screen and the pen, but otherwise I would’ve absolutely gone with an Acer Chromebook again. Great machines.

I wish it had more storage, but IPS display? – I think I am in for one.

I wholeheartedly agree. The R11 is widely recognized as an outstanding example of what chromebooks can do.

Although it is thicker and heavier than the newer and more expensive crop of 2-in-1 chromebooks, the R11 works very nicely as a tablet as well.

Please keep in mind that there is only one common storage area that both the ChromeOS and Androids sides can “see”… that’s the “Download” folder. Android apps can’t access the SD card.

Other than that limitation, support for Android apps on the R11 just gets better and better.