Acer 11.6" Intel 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

Acer 11.6" Intel 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

I bought one of these last time they were on here, I paid a lot more so this could be a very good deal. The one I got looked great and aside from not having the original packaging it was like new.

This was the offer last time.

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Have you tried running Android apps from the Play Store on yours? Thanks.

Supported through June 2021. How concerned are people about the usefulness of these machines after they (the machines, not the people) reach end-of-life?

Not very concerned. They will get automatic updates through the end of their term, but can still be updated manually if you desire. For less than $100, this is a good deal.

Does anyone know if the SSD is removable?

Not very worried about usefulness once it goes EOS. This model is on the compatibility list for GalliumOS, so once Google decides to quit updating it you can flash it with custom firmware and install a very compatible flavor of Linux on it. It’s what I did with my venerable C720 once it went EOS.

EOS is on or after June 2022, per Google:

Chromebook R11 (CB5-132T, C738T) = Jun 2022
(Woot’s product listing is incorrect, the above is straight from Google)

And it may be a nit-pick, but the units don’t suddenly stop working when the OS no longer auto-updates.
It’s called “End Of Support”, not “End Of Life”. I have several vinyl records and HD-DVDs that still work fine.



Thank you! Looks like Google updated some dates since we last ran this. We’ve updated our date to match at Jun 2022.

Would this be appropriate for an 8 or 11 year old? Can you put parental controls on it?

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bsmith1 gave you a link that will help you with parental controls- which are pretty decent. Chromebooks are great fro browsing, social media, YouTube, homework and school applications. BUT most 8 and 11 year old kids will want to game- and there is no real gaming with a Chromebook. You could go about setting up Minecraft using crouton and installing Linux ( and you will get some play out of it even with this weak processor)- but it’s kind of a pain to set up, and it can be unstable. I’m currently thinking of using this on a music stand as a tablet with a remote KB and mouse. My daughter can then use it to display music and/or tutorials while she’s playing/singing. It’s nice because the touch allows to scroll the page quickly and accurately while playing, yet the remote keyboard will speed up the searches.

NO - Very few Chromebooks are able to be upgraded. Which Chromebooks Can Be Upgraded?. It does have a card reader though, so if you have content you need to store you can put it on and SD card.

Is that true for a chromebook that can run Android apps?
Also, what about Google Stadia?

I guess it all comes down to what you want to consider real gaming- there are games you can play on a Chromebook, but even with the Google Play apps you’re limited in selection and performance using a Celeron with on board graphics. Google Stadia is still too early to count on and it will be a fee service also. I hope it works, it will be cool to do cloud gaming - just too soon to tell.

True. I wouldn’t call it a “gaming laptop”. I think, however, this one should be able to run Roblox which is a “real” game by many definitions. I know an 8 year old who considers Roblox a real game, anyway.

Well yeah, my 8, & 11 yo want an iPad because of the games. They won’t be getting a $400 tablet each. Looking for a cheaper tablet solution with comparable tablet style games. They can play “real” games on their console.

Got mine last night. Mine is just slightly beat-up and had a big sticker just to the right of the touchpad that had been there since the Chromebook was new (guessing 2 years) and was peeling. Peeled it off, left a gluey mess… applied GooGone to fix that, but the area that was under the sticker is a different shade of black now than the rest of the case. But these are all purely cosmetic nits. I knew I was getting a sub-$99, so wasn’t expecting a shiny mint-new machine.

The Chromebook works great, battery charged right up, OS updated to the latest version, and I’m off and running. Really, no complaints, especially considering this will replace my aging and beat-up “emergency” C-book that I keep with me in the car.

Mine was delivered today, but not yet opened. I hope it doesn’t have peeling, yucky stickers because it’s supposed to be refurbished and not “B grade” or “scratch and dent”.

No sticky stickers on mine, but I did have some deep scratches along the bottom edge of the keyboard…I wonder if that was from someone carelessly prying it open to refurbish it. The HDMI and USB port were pretty dusty inside. The screen looks new, though.