Acer 11.6" Intel 32GB Convertible Chromebook

Acer 11.6" Intel 32GB Convertible Chromebook

Not even 4:00am and it’s already sold out. Did they only have 5 of these or something?

Panic buying for the kids who need devices for online classes? Or, since 95% of buyers bought 3, maybe buying to mark up and resell to those desperately needing them for their kids’ online classes.


I’d say your idea for online classes is right on. Maybe one school bought them all. And that way they can instruct just one type of computer.

My math concludes with 4% buying one and 95% buying 3 the quantity sold is some integer multiple of about 61.

This is a chromebook with like 2 years of support.

Who cares if it has 2 years of support, most parents buying this for school know they only need it for about 6 months for school then it will be a toy for the kids.

These things are great for watching streaming media FYI.

For those needing a chromebook…there are tons available at Amazon at reasonable prices, and you will get it ALOT faster (1-2 weeks) than woot.

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