Acer 11.6" Intel Dual-Core Win10 Notebook

Acer 11.6" Intel Dual-Core Win10 Notebook

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What is the return policy ? What is the warranty on this?

As per the listing page:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)



Crappy processor. Horrible screen resolution. Almost 0 storage space (the storage will be full from having just windows installed. And forget about running windows updates).

If you’re buying this to tinker/know how to upgrade - carry on. If you’re looking at this because you want a laptop that will “just work” - move along because this “ain’t” it.

Unless Woot is paying people the $150 to take these machines; if they are then that’s a deal worthy of this website. A free laptop AND $150. Better than a BOC.


Thank you thank you thank you! YOu just saved me $150.


With only 32 gigs of storage, this computer will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11. It will be obsolete within a year.

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Low specs aside, Windows 10 has a few more years left on it.

It’s already obsolete as-is. It’s a Chromebook-spec machine trying to run Windows.
If you know how to put a lightweight Linux distro on it, you might find it less obsolete, but you’re still going to be stuck with its horrible screen, slow processor and highly limited eMMC storage.

Windows 11 is crap, its only purpose is to drive new hardware sales as it won’t install on anything without TPM 2.0. It wouldn’t exist if not for Big Sur being macOS 11 (and with Catalina, MS will be “one number behind” again). If it had been 10.16, Windows 11 would have just been Windows 10 2109 or 21H2 or whatever they’re using for version numbers these days.

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Any comments on if this will work OK to run Plex Server? All the media files are on an external drive, so space in regards to that will be fine. Basically just need a computer I can leave on all the time so it can do its thing when we want to watch. Given this also has a webcam etc, it may be slightly used if anyone in the family needs to do a video call since our family desktop doesn’t have a webcam set up, and it’s size should allow one to move to a more quiet area if/when needed.

Wondering how the battery is on these? My crummy Acer One (running Linux) has a battery that stretches all the way under the keyboard and runs 13 hours! What is the time on these?

At first I actually thought this was a Chromebook when reading the specs alone. By habit I was looking for the date when these stop getting updates and they’re missing. Then I realized this is indeed a flimsy laptop running Windows 10

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RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. These are not even useable. You cannot install Windows 10 updates because the 32GB is full when it arrives. You cannot store ANY data on here. I cannot even believe these are legal to sell. The CPU, the 4GB of ram and the terrible slow 32GB of storage MMC memory makes for a paper weight that would not even be useful for a toddler to watch a video. Shame on you Acer and Woot.

Probably, but if you want a cheap plex server I would recommend just getting a raspberry pi. The hardware will be more reliable, and there are LOTS of tutorials online.


You’re welcome!