Acer 11.6" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook

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Acer 11.6" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 10 to Tuesday, Mar 11) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Chromebooks are extremely nice devices, but this price seems like a stretch. You can get a c720 refurb from Acer’s eBay store at the same price (but with free shipping). You can get a brand new c720 from Amazon with Prime shipping at $30 more. (And brand new will be guaranteed to come with 100GB of Google Drive space. On refurbs you might end up getting it, but no guarantee.)

The c720’s have Haswell processors. On a desktop, Haswell mostly isn’t a big deal. In a portable, the extra battery life it gets you is nice to have.

Can I have that for the first price of

Learn a little bit about Chromebook and check out the product page

Did I read that correct? 16GB Hard drive?

Recent Chromebooks mostly use 16GB SSD drives (fast, small, very power efficient) as their main storage. Then (if you buy them new, at least) they come with 100GB of Google Drive space for two years that you can use for extra storage.

They also have slots for SD cards and USB slots, so you can plug in flash drives or even full-size external hard drives as needed.

They’re designed to be great for people who plan to spend the majority of their laptop time online, where either you’re just web browsing (and drive space is kind of irrelevant) or doing things like editing documents or listening to music, where you can often just store it on someone’s servers or stream it from someone’s servers.

I have one of these … it is holding down some magazines… and collecting dust … if you are not familiar with the chrome book program, please read all the limitations… there are many… for one you cant skype… they want you to use the google plus… well all my contacts are not on google plus. and all that stuff you keep on your computer … its in the cloud… good for saving but this means with no internet no computer… and I mean … nothing… I loved the chrome browser so I thought hey this should be good… and love my last little acer nice long battery… guess what… not at all like chrome browser… you know you cant even right click cut and paste… and battery time… maybe two hours if you turn down the screen brightness… several kids that work for me tried to use in college… ya know nice cheep laptop… well that is just it cheep laptop… it will not even run the programs they need for almost all their classes… these are just a few things… I am sure some people like these… I have not met anyone that was happy with the computer I tried for 6 months to get used to the chromebook but just did not care for it at all…I even just tried to give it to one of the young men that works for me that is a computer science major and he said thank you but no thanks…and well it crashes…a lot… like shuts down… and well good luck with customer service… like I said I don’t know what luck others have had, but I spent a little more money and have a great little touch screen with windows and 500 gig… the choice is yours… I would not recommend

  1. You can work offline
  2. 90% of what most people do is on the Web so the chromebook is fine
  3. The c720 version of this chromebook has a battery that last 7 hours
  4. Very light
  5. Get a c720 for $189 with 4gb ram for $18989
    It’s worth every penny

That’s a negative, sir. Haswell processors refer to Core i’s. These are Celerons with Haswell architecture. The main difference is that Haswell processors are far more powerful and capable. Think of Haswell to Celeron with Haswell architecture as Tesla Model S to a Nissan Leaf. Both use the same idea to save gas, but one is far more powerful.

For the price, spend a few more dollars ($229@MSFT) and get the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Full Windows 8.1 with free MS Office, longer battery life, more portable.

My son (10 years old) mainly (almost exclusively) used our older laptop to watch netflix or youtube videos. The laptop has gone to laptop heaven. Would this be a good replacement for that type of usage?

If I purchase this product, I’ll be provided 100gb google drive in 2 years? Like, standard edition…

Clearly the punctuation buttons are broken on your model.

I think this is fine for just web browsing and if you are already invested in the Google platform (docs, Android etc). But anyone who wants or are used to the standard bloatware and accessory programs probably won’t like it.

I need a computer for Rosetta Stone. I guess it doesn’t need to be fancy and I like this price. Would this computer work?

I saw someone mention a new one on Amazon. Is there a link?

Thanks from a non-techie.

Yep. It works perfect for Youtube and Netflix. Bought one here and my kids use it for that. No problems so far.

if i buy this do i get the 100 GB of cloud storage from google ?

Yet another laptop! Jut how many of these do you think we ll need?

I wonder if I got this if it would include 100GB space from Google. Does any staffer know?

The Factory Reconditioned models do not come with the Google Drive Storage.