Acer 11" Intel Dual-Core 16GB Chromebook

Acer 11" Intel Dual-Core 16GB Chromebook

According to, this will be supported by Google until June 2020.

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According to our specs too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s a good price for a computer, but after Google stops supporting it in 10 months, what are you supposed to do with it? Throw it away? That seems like a horrible idea. I thought we were supposed to be saving the environment instead of tossing out computers every 10 months.

That means no automatic updates. The computer won’t stop working. You can continue to use it. It may be possible to do manual updates. No guarantees though.

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I am envisioning a hu-uge public art project made up entirely of EOL Chromebooks! I will have a few to contribute.

I haven’t tried Linux on an old Chromebook yet (e.g., “Crouton”), but that is out there as well.

I have an EOL Toshiba chromebook, fully replacing the default OS permanently is kind of a pain and probably beyond the target market for Chromebooks. Once I got everything running Gallium OS has been great but many models of Chromebook require opening the case to remove a write-protect screw to get rid of Chrome OS fully.

I love planned obsolescence!

I have to say, my oldest Chromebook is still getting updates, but the battery is dead as a doornail, and it must be plugged in at all times. So, it seems like these OS deadlines are not necessarily the long pole in the tent anyway.

I certainly don’t feel ripped off in any way, and I don’t think that the OS deadline was even announced when I bought my oldest one.

What I don’t get is why Acer and HP make Chromebooks that run over $2000, when they won’t be supported by Google security updates 6.5 years after the platform comes out. Why wouldn’t you just get a Windows machine for that kind of money? Microsoft seems pretty intent on keeping Windows up to date.

Beyond that, I’m more impressed with how with a SSD, W10 is quite usable on older computers. My 2006-era D620 will do the basics (web, stream videos, office productivity) just fine.