Acer 13.3" Core i3 Ultrabook

Pretty good reviews on Amazon with a 4 star avg

More info on the Product Page
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Let’s watch an unboxing [youtube=cZ1XdkRuwec][/youtube]

Acer has come a long way over the past few years. I have a two year old 4820tg laptop that is still working great. Understand, though, that Acer might be the king of bloatware, so you’ll have to uninstall all of the crap. It’s no big deal; honestly, I don’t understand folks who gripe about it. This looks like a great deal on a MacBook Air alternative.

I can live with a gloss screen, but no back-lit keyboard is a deal-breaker. Can’t wait for the SSD Ultrabook that comes through here with one!

It seems like every time an ultrabook comes up on woot, I run to microcenter’s website to see what kind of a deal we are really getting. Almost every time I find that I just missed a better deal on a refurb from Microcenter 2 miles from my house. (M5-481PT-6488, I5, backlit keys, touchscreen, ssd/hd combo, dvd, 6gb, 8+ hr battery life, +10$ on price)

Are these getting dumped on Woot because it is one of the 5% of models of ultrabooks with Windows 8 and no touchscreen?

SSD is nice, but no touchscreen and no backlit keyboard - price is better if under $400.


I purchased this exact model from my local Wal-Mart for $350 a month ago. It’s working great.

Buyers of the Sony Woot a couple days ago for $649 vs. this $449 Acer Woot don’t fret.

Today’s Acer is a nice design and a lot cheaper but gives up several nice things vs the Sony deal for those $200 savings:

> Acer name vs Sony. If you’re one to appreciate Sony this is a big one.

> Intel i3 CPU vs i5. (For everyday email/browsing the difference is not shocking, but if you’re doing something more intensive or want the laptop to feel snappy a couple years longer it is a worthwhile difference.)

> No touch screen vs. touch screen. (Not the big deal that some folks make it out to be since these are not tablets.)

> 4 GB RAM vs. 6 GB.

> Smaller battery (3280 vs 4050 mAh) does help bring the weight of this Acer down by 3/4 of a pound.

> No LAN network port vs a 10/100/1gb port on the Sony if that matters these days with the prevalence of wifi.

Bottom Line: both Woot deals have their place and the price difference is somewhat logical.

I purchased a simular model on woot for $380. It had a 20Gssd and a slightly slower processor. It has been great for what i need it for. A supper light laptop to handle basic functions like using office products as well as programming Labview code for work. I also use it to watch Hulu and netflix at home and on the go by plugging in the HDMI cable. For the price this is an awesome laptop.

This model was on clearance at Wal-Mart for ~$175 a few days ago. This has been discontinued for more than a year. They’re yet to sell out. Tells you all you need to know about them.

It’s a big deal because it does not always uninstall cleanly. And even when it appears to be removed, there are traces of the crapware on the hard drive and registry. PC Decrapifier goes a long way to help the removal process though.

Got a link? I’ll take 2.

@richrauch, agreed - I’ll take 2 as well.

There might be a credibility issue tho since the nearest spec Acer from Walmart was a $550 (sale) much slower CPU, hard drive based (not SSD) laptop. Perhaps it was returned, open box (no thanks), but even them the price is suspect.

Woot just made Cnet with this Acer deal: (The author finds tech deals he likes and puts up stories on Cnet.)

Hey Rick, show yourself.

The M-line is also a bit heavier. Refurbs on Amazon go for about that price, so wow, that was some deal.

No touchscreen? Really? Still, the portability factor still makes this a good buy if it was just $400.

I would not buy a windows 8 machine without a touch screen, honestly.